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What Makes Lanvac ® Different?



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  1. Lanvac® does not compete with its dealers in any way.

     is the only national wholesale 3rd party monitoring company that does not compete with its dealers in any way! Since divesting themselves of all corporate accounts in 1993, Lanvac® has been involved ONLY with wholesale monitoring of accounts. Neither the company nor its principals own alarm accounts. Click here
    to see the written
    Lanvac® Guarantee.
  2. Lanvac® operates 6 separate and redundant monitoring stations.

    All 6 stations are linked together continuously. Any incoming signal or phone call can be answered at any of the 6 stations any time. The architecture of the nationwide
    Lanvac® network is unique. Unlike other monitoring companies, this continuous link permits operators working is “sister” stations to help out staff in your primary station during high-traffic times. Should any one station experience a crisis resulting in an inability to handle alarm calls, operators in other stations automatically jump in to help. There are no switches to flip – no emergency manuals to consult. It just happens!
  3. Every Lanvac® station is, or soon will be ULC-listed as a separate entity.

    Each is capable of standing alone, although each normally operates in
    concert with its 5 sister stations.
  4. Every Lanvac® station operates 24/7/365.

    Every station is staffed around the clock – every day of the year.
  5. WinLinks3000® is a proprietary monitoring software developed and used exclusively by Lanvac©.

    This powerful automation software provides the highest possible level of reliability and redundancy. Our IT staff is constantly monitoring its performance and responding to dealer requests for additional features.
  6. Lanvac® dealers are equipped with remote access to Winlinks3000®.
    Using this powerful tool, dealers can view all activity on their accounts, request reports in almost any format, edit their own database, add new customers to the database and much, much more.
  7. Lanvac® dealers are kept up to date with all activity on the clients’ accounts.

    Dealers can, if they desire, receive “live” reports in the form of SMS messages of all, or selected activity on their accounts. Alternatively, every hour on the hour reports are emailed regarding any alarm (dispatch) activity on their accounts. Every hour on the half-hour, emails are sent regarding any supervisory or trouble signals received since the last report.
  8. The Lanvac® STANDARD lets each dealer operate its business as he/she sees fit.

    Dealers are free to specify the manner in which they wish each alarm signal to be treated. Since there are no corporately owned accounts, dealers are not forced to fit their response requirements into a pre-described mould. Rather, response can be “personalized” by account – and even by individual zones in order to meet the needs or your subscriber.
  9. Lanvac® supports virtually every method of signal transmission.

    All digital formats can be used. In addition,
    Lanvac® supports signals transmitted by DVACS (both SurGard and Europlex), High Speed Internet (DSC, Paradox, LoBenn) and GSM Radio (DSC, AlarmNet, Alarm.com, UpLink). Check with your Lanvac® representative regarding any service not listed here.
  10. At Lanvac® your customer’s language of choice can be accommodated.

    Providing service in both of Canada’s official languages has always been part of the
    Lanvac® Standard. In addition, service for those who speak Cantonese/Mandarin is available. Since many of our operators are from ethnic backgrounds, other languages such as Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and others can often be served as well.
  11. Our WinLinks3000™ Monitoring Software is proprietary and very flexible.

    WinLinks3000™ was developed in-house by our own IT personnel. Unlike other monitoring software, it has been developed exclusively for 3rd Party monitoring, and provides the most flexible report generation available. Because we developed and maintain the software ourselves, upgrades are on-going and constant. Often, when dealers request a new feature, it can be introduced and active within days.
  12. Lanvac® supports the highest recognized industry standards.

    Having said that, it is also true that such standards are set as MINIMUMS. The
    Lanvac® STANDARD far outreaches these minimum demands, and offers more comprehensive protection for our dealers and their customers.
  13. Lanvac® supports CANASA.

    has been an active supporter of CANASA for many years. Two members of our management team are active members of the board of directors of CANASA chapters in their regions. Because we believe in the need for a strong voice to represent our industry, we also encourage our dealers to get involved.
  14. At Lanvac® , professional development is more than just a catch phrase.

    Ongoing training and upgrading of credentials is a constant at Lanvac®. From the presidential suite on down, every
    Lanvac® employee is required to undergo vigorous in-house training regarding his or her particular job. In addition, everyone is encouraged to seek out opportunities for personal growth through continuing education.
  15. At Lanvac® , the sole function of our operators is to process incoming alarm signals.

    Most monitoring stations require their operators to do data entry, make data edits, do filing of documents and/or do photocopying, perform administrative functions of one sort or another. At
    Lanvac® , we believe the monitoring of your customers’ accounts is JOB 1 – and that important job requires the full attention of our operators. Accordingly, tasks other than those that directly involve the monitoring of accounts are performed in other departments within the Lanvac® organization.
  16. At Lanvac® we re-invest in our business.

    The upgrading of equipment and facilities is an ongoing, everyday exercise at
    Lanvac® , as is the constant practice of adding new features to our WinLinks3000™ monitoring software and our remote dealer access.
  17. At Lanvac® it’s all about our dealers!

    Most monitoring companies use dealer accounts simply to supplement their income from accounts that they own! Of course the fact that they compete with you, and that they have your complete account list in their database clears a significant path for a conflict of interest – real or imagined. At
    Lanvac® our sole interest is in providing the best possible monitoring service for your clients. We have no other source of revenues and our complete focus is to help you serve your customers as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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