• Lanvac does not own any alarm subscriber accounts.
  • 24/7 LIVE Answer at our stations
  • Personalized Service from end to end




Who is Lanvac?

Lanvac is 100% Canadian owned and is Canada’s leader in third-party wholesale contract monitoring. Our only customers are qualified alarm dealers and their customers.

Our roots go back over 37 years, during which we have developed a reputation as a company that is fully dedicated to providing quality monitoring services for alarm dealers and their customers.

More about Lanvac

Multiple stations across Canada

Lanvac operates seven independent monitoring stations that are linked together at all times. Located across Canada, these seven stations are capable of operating in a stand-alone mode or as is normally the case, as part of our inter-connected network.

So what does it take to keep multiple stations running you ask?

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We stand behind our customers

Lanvac is the only national wholesale 3rd party monitoring company that does not compete with it’s dealers.

We do not own any alarm accounts

Lanvac has been involved only with wholesale monitoring of accounts.

always online, always inter-connected

All our stations are inter-connected with both fiber and copper from different providers feeding into redundant switches and routers.

Our Facilities

Our facilities feature some of the most advanced equipment availabe in the market. Our stations are built to a standard that was developed through 37 years of experience in the monitoring industry. We proudly call it the Lanvac Standard!


founded in

Lanvac is family owned since 1989 and was started with sweat and a lot of work from family members.


employed personnel

We pride with our team members and we're working hard to find the right people that can be there for you.



Working in the industry for over 25 years have brought us into the attention of a lot of people, and we pride with our dealers.



Having multiple stations, Lanvac can cover most of Canada and offer it's monitoring services all across the main major areas.