The sole business interest of Lanvac® is to provide “third-party”, wholesale monitoring to qualified alarm dealers. Lanvac® does not own any alarm subscriber accounts. Lanvac® pledges that it will never acquire any alarm subscriber accounts.

In 1983 John and Bill Georgoudes started their own alarm company to make their way in the business world. The brothers took turns monitoring their customers all day and all night, while the other brother did sales and installations.

In 2000 the brothers decided they would concentrate exclusively on wholesale, non-competing alarm monitoring and LANVAC was born.

It has been a long road to today, but their tenacity and perseverance has made LANVAC a widely recognized and respected brand in the Canadian Security market. The Core Values that have guided the brothers and the business over the decades are now the foundation for the next generation.

The Georgoudes family business is now a national supplier of Wholesale, Non-Competing Alarm Monitoring service from coast to coast to coast with a significant dealer network of installers that we help to succeed day after day.

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We stand behind our customers

Lanvac is the only national wholesale 3rd party monitoring company that does not compete with it’s dealers.

We do not own any alarm accounts

Lanvac has been involved only with wholesale monitoring of accounts.

always online, always inter-connected

All our stations are inter-connected with both fiber and copper from different providers feeding into redundant switches and routers.

What makes Lanvac different?

Lanvac® is the only national wholesale 3rd party monitoring company that does not compete with its dealers in any way!

Since divesting themselves of all corporate accounts in 1993, Lanvac® has been involved ONLY with wholesale monitoring of accounts. Neither the company nor its principals own alarm accounts.

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The Lanvac Standard

Our facilities feature some of the most advanced equipment available in the market. Our stations are built to a standard that was developed through 37 years of experience in the monitoring industry.

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