Our facilities feature some of the most advanced equipment available in the market. Our stations are built to a standard that was developed through 37 years of experience in the monitoring industry. We proudly call it the Lanvac Standard!

Multiple state of the art Monitoring Stations across our
great Nation that we – and you – can be proud of 🇨🇦

  • Since our inception in 1983, we continually re-invest into our business enterprise.
  • We own multiple buildings that house our stations.
  • All stations in our network are constantly being upgraded and improved.
  • Our technology is such that information is constantly shared amongst the multiple stations AT ALL TIMES!
  • Operators working in our multiple station, see EVERY alarm signal in real time and no matter where the operator is sitting, he/she can handle the alarm.
  • All our stations are housed in secure, controlled environments, protected behind double vestibules and an array of security measures.
  • All stations are powered by surge suppressed, power management systems with industrial strength generators to ensure uninterrupted station operation.
  • Our network of stations was designed to stay operational in any weather conditions, including, ice storms, floods, major power outages, fires and hurricanes.
  • A professional team of highly trained technicians constantly monitor our stations and their systems 24/7/365 to guarantee smooth operation of our facilities.

Lanvac believes in building SME’s (subject matter experts) in all areas of alarm monitoring. This is a fundamental difference between conventional alarm monitoring stations and the Lanvac Team. Most alarm monitoring stations expect every operator to be an expert at all things, unrealistic from Lanvac’s point of view.

Alarm Response

Alarm Response Departments

Communication Canes

FCC – First Contact Center

Data Technical

Data/Technical Department

Video Response

Video Response Center

Network Facilities

Network facilities

Receiver Facilities

Receiver facilities

Telephone Network

Telephone Network



Emergency Response

Emergency Response Vehicle



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