Emergency Response

Emergency Response Vehicle

Experience has taught us to be prepared at all times. Accordingly, Lanvac owns and operates a fully equipped, diesel-powered 14-foot cube van filled with everything that might be needed in the event of an emergency at one of our stations. This vehicle is always ready to go on a minutes notice.

Besides the standard equipment for such a vehicle, ours features:

  • Dual Heavy Duty 175 amp alternators.
  • Dual 3 KW power inverters.
  • An extra 100-litre diesel storage tank.
  • 5kw Diesel Generator

Amongst the supplies it contains are:

  • 2 High-speed, high-volume water pumps that can handle any threatened flood threat.
  • A full supply of hand tools and power tools.
  • Spare telephone equipment.
  • Spare receiver equipment.
  • Extra laptop computers.
  • Emergency clothing such as vests, gloves, breathing masks, hard hats and safety boots.