• Power systems for every station were designed from the ground up to ensure continuous power availability for all the mission-critical systems.
  • We have N+2 redundancy at every failure point. All our stations are fed by a 3 phase 600 VAC. Our power grids feature 600, 208, 120 VAC anywhere in our stations that may be required.
  • Additionally our DC power plants allow us to provide DC power to the different carriers, backbone providers and telephone providers that bring services to our stations.

UPS generators

  • A main UPS that keeps power uninterrupted throughout the station during the transfer over to generator and back.
  • In Odyssey, our Montreal station, the main UPS is an “inline” APC 3 phase 208VAC 60kw. Equipped with 32 UPS Batteries it keeps the station running even if the generator power has failed.
  • In Nemesis our Toronto station the main in-line UPS is an MGE 3 phase 208VAC 25kw. Equipped with 24 UPS Batteries it keeps the station running even if the generator power has failed.
  • These same systems are used to power the towers at most major airports in North America.
  • Following the main UPS is a second Galvanic isolation transformer that feeds an industrial strength square D distribution panel. This panel feeds our monitoring station through individual 3 and 5 Kw APC UPS that feeds our equipment.
  • All our mission critical equipment, have 2 separate and redundant, power feeds.
  • As a minimum, our stations are equipped with 2 generators, a primary and a secondary.
  • In Odyssey, our Montreal monitoring station, there are two 35kw primary generators and a 35kw secondary generator.
  • All the power transfer switches in our stations are Kohler industrial units – 200 ampere, 3 phases.