Video Response

Video Response Center

Video Monitoring is a very broad industry term that as a practical matter can be boiled down to two simple descriptions: Event Based Monitoring and Live View Monitoring.

Event based monitoring utilizes alarm reporting, generated either through conventional security detection equipment or via analytics. Our Remote Video Services Team is alerted to an event and accesses the online cameras to determine the nature of the breach and they respond accordingly. Lanvac is equipped to provide this service to any major manufacturers products and is by far the fastest growing space in the security industry.

Live View monitoring is essentially a remote security guard, only with the ability to view the entire facility from a single location. Often more effective than a static security guard, this is active security with our agents watching real time.

Our Remote Video Services team utilizes dedicated Fibre Optic connections and bandwidth is never an issue in our world. Our primary remote video services team is based in our Toronto Station with overflow and hot backup provided by our Montreal Team.